10 Items Auditors Carry With Them (Written by Auditors For Auditors)

Have you ever wondered what auditors carry around in their big black bag? Wonder no more as we reveal the 10 items that auditors carry with them everywhere they go.

We will start this list by clearing 2 common stereotypes about auditors. We do not always carry these 2 items with us. 

A)  Calculator

Contrary to popular belief, auditors do not always carry calculator with them. We rely on our Excel sheets which can be found in our laptops (Item 2). Shocking, I know. But we needed to get that stereotype out of the window.

B)  Prior Year Audit Working Papers

No, we don’t need this. As the fabled saying in the audit industry goes, “Never follow last year.” 

Now we can really start this list. 

1)  Backpack 
We start off with the backpack. The trademark sign of an auditor is a backpack stuff to the brim. We highly suggest you buy a black one. It looks the most professional.

Because auditors are always on the move, there is a standard auditor packing survival list that auditors are highly encouraged to follow in order to survive the daily ordeals of their profession.

The essential items of a modern audit warrior are listed below. 

2)  Laptop
Probably the most important item in our bags. This item contains the files we need to do our work. We guard it with our lives just like how we guarded our rifles in army (for the guys).

Make sure you bring a charger and a mouse for greatest working efficiency. Otherwise, pray that you can borrow them from your Client. 

3) Stationary
Red Pen, blue pen, black pen, green pen, correction tape, post-its, puncher, stapler, and highlighters are all essential items found in an auditor’s pencil box.

4) Name Card 

Part of business etiquette is the exchange of the name card. Make sure you are well stocked with name cards. You don’t want to be left red-faced when meeting an important businessman.  

Also found on the name card are your contact number, email address, qualifications (i.e. CPA, CIA) and your company address, which will come in handy later during the audit engagement.

5)  Earphones With Good Sound Isolation 
Thou shall not be disturbed when performing detailed analytical review. When we need to focus, good sound isolation helps. 

6)  Mints
No one likes stinking breath. Pop one in your mouth before talking to anyone. 

7)  Umbrella 
The rain shall not stop me. As auditors, we travel around the island a lot, and in the Singapore climate, rain can happen any time of the day. Don’t let a little rain dampen your day!

8)  Courage 
Don’t be afraid to ask, even it may sound silly. Ask even when the client is annoyed. Ask even when the client laughs at your silly question. Ask the same questions from multiple perspectives to ensure that all the answers received are sound. Only then you would be doing your job. 

9)   Confidence 
There’s a difference between having confidence and courage. Confidence shows that you are in control even if you are not fully aware of all the information you need. That’s important because it is a fact that you don’t know everything about your client.

10) Smile

Everyone hates auditors. Don’t give them another reason. 

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