Your Intention Vs Your Actions

Allow me to introduce myself. I was once part of a core team of four key leaders to bring into Singapore the “Best-in-Class” of an internationally acclaimed training institution for Service Excellence training five years ago.

Handling this project allowed me to learn many things. One thing that I learned is about how others judge us by our actions, whereas we judge ourselves by our intentions.

Bees and Boss

Have you seen a bee hive before? Bees and hives are pseudonyms of busyness, hardworking and energetic, and bee hives would make it as homely, togetherness and full of honey.

10 Items Auditors Carry With Them (Written by Auditors For Auditors)

Have you ever wondered what auditors carry around in their big black bag? Wonder no more as we reveal the 10 items that auditors carry with them everywhere they go.

We will start this list by clearing 2 common stereotypes about auditors. We do not always carry these 2 items with us. 

Meet Our Director of Outsourced Financial Reporting, Jessy

She’s the lady responsible for counting the numbers in RT’s financial reports. Not only is she frighteningly accurate, but she is as sharp as an arrow.

She is our head of Outsourced Financial Reporting, Ms Jessy Heng.

Jessy started out as a young and extremely promising auditor in 2004, learning the ropes from her seniors and quickly established herself as one of the brightest prospects in the sector. In 2011, Jessy decided to take up a position as a financial controller, overseeing the finance of a company before finally settling down at RT in 2015.

Meet Our Youngest Staff, Tammy

1) Let us know a little bit about your background. What school did you come from, how old are you and what are some of your hobbies

I am an 18-year-old Singaporean. I recently finished my A levels and am currently waiting to enter into a university. Because I love an active lifestyle, I allocated a huge amount of my time in secondary school and junior college to playing softball. Due to this commitment to softball, I was able to enter Hwa Chong Institution through the direct school admission. Some of my other hobbies include playing computer games and playing the piano.

See the Unseen

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your job is? For some, it is to hit the next big deal, for others, it could be developing a new lead. But is that really all there is to a job? What then does it mean to live with a purpose at work?

Never Good Enough

never give up
Are you an adventurous person? Always on the lookout for new and exciting activities to try? Like you, I’m a “try-er” I love trying new activities and I’ve tried many things in my life thus far. One thing I’ve always believed in is to never stop trying.

As “try-ers” a certain discouraging question may cross your mind. Does my attitude advocate that I am never good enough to accomplish my goal?

No Worries Boss

being accountable
No worries Boss, you can put the blame on me if anything goes wrong. I'll be accountable for it!" professed Ivy enthusiastically in response to my reminder.

The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

easter eggs

You would have probably heard about the story of the prized goose that lays golden eggs. The goose is an invaluable possession and you would certainly want to get your hands on one if you had the opportunity. If you had one, you would take excellent care of it because it brings to you a steady stream of valuable asset, the golden eggs.

Why Fear Outsourcing?

do not fear outsourcing

Companies that outsourced their supporting functions, such as accounting, IT and human resource and particularly payroll, reap the benefits of cost savings. These companies need not provide for headcount, office space, tables and chairs, training, all associated costs to name a few, and the trouble to manage the sort of issues related to the social settings. A reduction in headcount from outsourcing these business functions means that these companies have the freedom to concentrate on and grow their core businesses.

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