Meet Our Director of Outsourced Financial Reporting, Jessy

She’s the lady responsible for counting the numbers in RT’s financial reports. Not only is she frighteningly accurate, but she is as sharp as an arrow.

She is our head of Outsourced Financial Reporting, Ms Jessy Heng.

Jessy started out as a young and extremely promising auditor in 2004, learning the ropes from her seniors and quickly established herself as one of the brightest prospects in the sector. In 2011, Jessy decided to take up a position as a financial controller, overseeing the finance of a company before finally settling down at RT in 2015.

Having been mentored by her seniors in the past, and now as a director herself, Jessy has opened up about her experiences with us.

Why did you choose the accounting profession?

When I was younger, I was influenced by my family to take up accounting. Several of my family members were trained accountants themselves and they had an impact on my learning journey as I was growing up. Furthermore, I’ve always preferred numbers to words.

With a natural interest in numbers, and with the encouragement from my family, I decided to take up accounting as my major when I was in the university.

Can you explain what your role in RT is all about?

I have two key roles in the company.

Firstly, I handle the company’s accounts. In summary, this means that I oversee and manage all the company’s financial statements, I’m RT’s book keeper.

My second role is to act as the director of outsourced financial reporting. In simple terms, I help other companies manage their financial accounts and transactions. I can even act as their CFO if need be. I can help companies track their financial accounts, prepare financial reports and statements, and even plan financial strategies.

You can even say that I’m an outsourced CFO.

Why would these companies want to hire an outsourced CFO?

There are many reasons why a company will want to outsource their financial accounts. But I will leave with you two of the most common reasons.

Firstly, a company may not have accounting professionals with the right skill set or experience at the present time to deal with certain complicated situations. In order to quickly get their accounts settled and train their current employees, the company needs to hire someone with a high level of experience without breaking the bank. In this case, outsourcing to us who are already equipped and experienced enough to handle such cases makes perfect sense. We can immediately work on their accounts and we can train their staff should they ask us to.

Secondly, SMEs (Small, medium enterprise) may be too small to hire someone permanently to handle the accounts. Outsourcing this portion of their business makes sense as our services cost less than hiring a permanent staff. This gives the management in the SME less headcount and greater agility to grow their business without worrying about their backend business functions.

What would you say are some of the challenges that you face in performing your work?

The most important challenge is how we relate to our Clients. While the technical aspect of our work is absolutely vital, it is important to remember that it is a human that moves the numbers. 

Understanding our Clients’ goals, business and direction grants us greater insights into their business operations. This knowledge ultimately helps us to perform our work more efficiently and accurately.

What are some of the happiest moments in your job?

Being able to overcome an extremely challenging time or job will usually leave me smiling. What’s even better is to do it together with the support of my team.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of studying accounting?

Accounting is already a very challenging profession as standards that practitioners are governed by are ever-changing. However, if you are able to keep up with the changes and enjoy working with numbers, accounting may be a profession you will love. 

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