No Worries Boss

being accountable
No worries Boss, you can put the blame on me if anything goes wrong. I'll be accountable for it!" professed Ivy enthusiastically in response to my reminder.
In a bid to cut our cost, I needed her to remind our IT guys to re-organise our office lines.

As a self-professed storyteller, I started on one of my stories about responsibilities and accountability.

"Ivy, I'm not sure how you can be accountable and responsible for this.” I replied. She looked at me with a bewildered look on her face.

"Have you heard about how Sun Zi convinced the emperor to lead his army?"

Ivy shook her head.

"Well, Sun Zi was tasked to discipline and train a bunch of concubines and maids to become a well-organised, well-disguised unit of soldiers. To aid his training, he appointed different chiefs and leaders among the concubines. He gave the chief concubines a set of orders, however, the chief concubines failed to obey his orders. For three times, Sun Zi gave the same order, however, each time the chief concubines failed to carry out his order. On the third time when they were still unable to obey him, he executed the chief concubines."

"Wow! That's serious!” exclaimed Ivy.

"Yes, it is. And the ones at fault are the chief concubines right?"

Ivy nodded.

"You see, everyone has different things that they have to be accountable for." I explained, “You’ve to understand that each of us have different responsibilities and there are some that are too important to delegate out. In this case, I am responsible for cutting the costs therefore, I will be the one who takes the blame. So do you understand why I told you this story now?"

"I understand” Ivy.

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