Never Good Enough

never give up
Are you an adventurous person? Always on the lookout for new and exciting activities to try? Like you, I’m a “try-er” I love trying new activities and I’ve tried many things in my life thus far. One thing I’ve always believed in is to never stop trying.

As “try-ers” a certain discouraging question may cross your mind. Does my attitude advocate that I am never good enough to accomplish my goal?

No Worries Boss

being accountable
No worries Boss, you can put the blame on me if anything goes wrong. I'll be accountable for it!" professed Ivy enthusiastically in response to my reminder.

The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs

easter eggs

You would have probably heard about the story of the prized goose that lays golden eggs. The goose is an invaluable possession and you would certainly want to get your hands on one if you had the opportunity. If you had one, you would take excellent care of it because it brings to you a steady stream of valuable asset, the golden eggs.

Why Fear Outsourcing?

do not fear outsourcing

Companies that outsourced their supporting functions, such as accounting, IT and human resource and particularly payroll, reap the benefits of cost savings. These companies need not provide for headcount, office space, tables and chairs, training, all associated costs to name a few, and the trouble to manage the sort of issues related to the social settings. A reduction in headcount from outsourcing these business functions means that these companies have the freedom to concentrate on and grow their core businesses.

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