Meet Our Youngest Staff, Tammy

1) Let us know a little bit about your background. What school did you come from, how old are you and what are some of your hobbies

I am an 18-year-old Singaporean. I recently finished my A levels and am currently waiting to enter into a university. Because I love an active lifestyle, I allocated a huge amount of my time in secondary school and junior college to playing softball. Due to this commitment to softball, I was able to enter Hwa Chong Institution through the direct school admission. Some of my other hobbies include playing computer games and playing the piano.

2) What is your position in RT? Give us a rundown of your daily scope of work.

I am a temporary finance assistant in RT.

Generally, my daily scope of work includes, data-entry, the scanning, and filing of documents and the gathering of required information for my supervisors.

Occasionally, I am given the privilege to perform other jobs for other departments. I’ve had the opportunity to help the Marketing and Human Resource Department as well as be a part time receptionist when our current receptionist is unavailable.

3) Do you like your job so far? What do you like about it?

I enjoy being a part of this firm and I genuinely like my job. The beauty of being in a small firm, is that I get to try a lot of different things. There is never really a dull day in the office because I get to try different tasks and learn new things every day.

My immediate supervisor, Joe, is a very patient and understanding supervisor, who goes out of his way to help and teach me. With Joe’s help, I have learnt more about accountancy and the struggles that a working adult faces.

4) What are some of your key takeaways from your time at RT? Which is the most interesting and why?

During my time at RT, I have learnt the basics of accounting and how to use certain accounting software, however, my biggest takeaway from my time at RT is an understanding of how a professional working environment runs.

I am very blessed to be in a firm where there is harmony and unity among the staff. Everyone in the department gets along well and supports one another with their different skill set.

My boss, Joe, has advised me to learn how to build up good professional relationships in the future. Having a good working relationship with others will not only allow me to produce better work, but it gives me a chance to enable others to perform well too.

5) Did you ever think that accounting is a dull profession? What do you think about the accounting profession now?

Yes, I used to think that accounting is a dull profession. However, after interacting with my fellow colleagues and seeing first-hand the intricacy that goes into drafting financial statements, I have come to realise that accounting is more exciting than it seems.

There is a lot of responsibility placed on the accountants to prepare an account accurately and efficiently. I no longer see it as a dull profession, but rather an important profession that requires a lot of precision and an understanding of the operations in the different industry that our Clients come from.

6) What are some of your hopes and aspirations for the future? What kind of impact would you like to make on society?

My hope for the future is that I will be able to leave a lasting impact on society, to do something that really matters, be it through accounting or any other profession I take up in the future.

I hope to make the society slightly more sustainable, possibly through being a CEO of a company that adopts more environmentally friendly ways to run their business, inventing something that can help with the world energy shortage or invest in something that could.

7) And finally, as you are about to enter the university later in the year, what would you like to do before you go in?

After working for about 3 months, I believe that I have been exposed to the working world enough and I would like to spend my last few months of freedom before going to university, at home, relaxing, going out with my friends and watching Korean dramas.

Tammy has since left RT in pursuit of her university degree.

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