Why Fear Outsourcing?

do not fear outsourcing

Companies that outsourced their supporting functions, such as accounting, IT and human resource and particularly payroll, reap the benefits of cost savings. These companies need not provide for headcount, office space, tables and chairs, training, all associated costs to name a few, and the trouble to manage the sort of issues related to the social settings. A reduction in headcount from outsourcing these business functions means that these companies have the freedom to concentrate on and grow their core businesses.

A rule-of-thumb for calculating the cost of basic headcount is a factor of at least 2.5. For example, paying an account assistant $2,500 as her monthly basic salary means that it will cost the company at least $6,250 in total, due to direct and associated costs. Do you really want to spend so much on supporting function?

Of course companies can choose to set up their own supporting function because they may have sufficient workload to do so or that the tasks that the supporting function need to accomplish has a level of complexity which is unique to the companies, thus they are unable to outsource the job.

I can continue to sing praises about the cost savings from outsourcing your non-core functions however, outsourcing has far more benefits than just cost savings. It is also about making your company leaner and more efficient, which in turn will increasing your profitability and leads to having a happier workforce.

These benefits are possible because outsourcing allows you to have access to a skilled labour readily. When you outsource your job, you can tap in on the skilled labour that the service provider already has. In this way, you can always be confident that whatever supporting function that you would wish to outsource, is managed by well-trained and qualified professionals at a much lower cost!

So the choice of service provider to manage your supporting function is important and crucial.
You can look no further, although I would urge you to do so too if you wish to. We can help you.

Not only is our workforce trained and qualified, you can practically outsourced almost every function to us. Our services range from book keeping, to managing your tax matters, HR and payroll matters, and also your website. We have one thing that you would want very much, that is, service.

We will strive to deliver the highest level of service to you, in addition to the quality that you will have, just like anybody else.

Consider us fast, and start saving on your costs.

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