See the Unseen

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of your job is? For some, it is to hit the next big deal, for others, it could be developing a new lead. But is that really all there is to a job? What then does it mean to live with a purpose at work?
We need a purpose to do everything. However, not every purpose is equal. Some purposes have greater and deeper meaning.

In any organisation, the staff needs to know their smaller ‘purpose’ and their bigger ‘Purpose’.

Take RT for example. RT is both a public accounting firm and a professional services company. We offer anything from audit & advisory services to book keeping and tax services.

The smaller ‘purpose’ of the staff cohort within RT includes offering services and products that meet client needs, negotiating fees, closing deals and serving our clients well.

However, the bigger ‘Purpose’ of the staff cohort within RT is to complete all the small ‘purposes’ so that in turn, they can make their clients happy and satisfied, which brings them a greater satisfaction in their job when everything comes together well.

This is merely one simple example of how our small ‘purposes’ can help us to reach our bigger and ultimately more rewarding ‘Purposes’.

Your current job might require you to teach and train your staff, fulfil your boss's needs or earn a living. However, you need to see it as more than just the technical work. All your smaller ‘purposes’ will one day lead to a bigger ‘purpose’

Perhaps it is time for you to reflect on your role at work or in life. You can make a difference if you focus on the bigger ‘Purpose’.

See the unseen purpose.

What to know more about how to do it? Stay tuned...

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